The Bad Panda blade is great for cutting quartz, it will cut granite just fine (Magnum is better choice for granite) but if you cut alot of quartz, you will appreciate how clean the cut is and how little bruising occurs to the quartz. Makes it so much easier to hand polish the darker colors. 


The blade has a 50mm arbor so you don't have to deal with the annoying knockouts. The segments are premium 15mm patterned diamond and the core is silent. Both side of the blade are painted to prevent corrsion. 


Recomended RPM: 1700-2200 


In our shop we run this blade at 80-120 ipm on quartz. I have friends that push it to 160-180. We don't recommed this, but you can do it. 


If you have specific questions about this blade, give Mark a call at: 503-333-2485